Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Tea Parties

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She was a girly girl... she loved dolls, dress-up, painted nails, and pink, pink, pink! One of the little girl's favorite things in the whole wide world was tea sets... she loved to collect & play with them!  The little girl dreamed & dreamed of the day when she would have a little girl of her own to share the tea sets with.

Years passed, and the little girl grew up.  She got married & became a little Mommy!  To FOUR boys!  The optimistic little Mommy started day-dreaming instead of the day she would have little granddaughters to share the tea sets with. 

Then a miracle occurred!  The little Mommy found out that she was going to have another baby...  "Surely it will be boy!" she thought to herself.  But the little Mommy was wrong!  The baby was a girl!  Can you imagine her joy??!  A perfectly perfect girly girl that she could have tea parties with!  The little Mommy bought two more tea sets before her baby girl could even walk!

Now the little Mommy and her little girl have tea parties every Tuesday, and they enjoy every little minute.  Sometimes they even let the big brothers join in, but only if they remember the pinky out rule ;)

When in doubt, pinky out!

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