Monday, July 16, 2012

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.

I have something in common with David Tennant (insert girlish squeal here)!!!

Before we go any further: In order to get the most out of this bloggie post, you absolutely must read it in a British accent.  It was written in one, so it won't sound proper at all if you don't.  

I used to watch the old Doctor Who series with my brother Doug when we were teenagers.  Sitting in the basement of our old house watching The Doctor on a TV that didn't even have remote control... dang! (or should I say blimey!) Those are some good memories.  We watched Star Trek re-runs too... but that was mostly to make fun of Captain Kirk.

A while ago Doug told me I needed to watch the new Doctor Who series.  My sis Deb raved about it too.  I put it off forever because I was crazy busy.  


It's official: I'm hooked.  I'm a Whovian.  I'm geekier than I've ever been before. 

- I love Doctors 9, 10, and 11 (emphasis on the 10... more girlish squealing).

- I think Daleks are hilariously evil.  Plunger arms & all.

- Do you think it's too late to re-name my two year old daughter Rose, Martha, Donna, or Amy? Trev, would you mind if I nicknamed you Rory?

- I'm outraged that TARDIS isn't accepted as a real word in "Words With Friends".

- American accents are beginning to sound foreign.

- Forget about pinning home improvement & recipe ideas on Pinterest, I'm all about the geek boards baby.

- I'm frightened to death of weeping angel statues.

Speaking of weeping angel statues, true story:

I watched the episode "Don't Blink" for the first time whilst running on my treadmill.  I was so completely freaked out when the first angel moved, I almost fell off.  If I hadn't grabbed the rail, I would've hit the wall with an unceremonious smack.  As it was, I completed my run with one hand covering my eyes (peeking through only just), with the other hand firmly gripping the rail... I'm not making this up.  Freakiest. Thing. Ever.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Oh, and whatever you do, don't blink!

So I watched all 6 seasons of Doctor Who (rather quickly... I run 5 days a week) thinking that season 7 was already out. To my horror, I just discovered that season 7 doesn't air till Fall 2012!!!!

What the?!  If I had known that I would've watched them slower... savored them!!! Yeah, whatever...  Boromir said it best:

Told you I was a geek.  I love Lord of The Rings almost as much as Doctor Who.  Which reminds me:  My favorite Doctor Who episode is "The Shakespeare Code" in which Harry Potter is referenced a bunch of times... Freaking brilliant!!!  Here's my Geeked Out board on Pinterest... it's an oddball mix of Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, Doctor Who, Pikachu, and such.  

If you want something fun to watch, something different, something so campy it's golden... look no further.  It's fantastic.  It's brilliant.  It's magnificent.   Seasons 1-6 are streaming on Netflix.  What are you waiting for?  Allonsy!!!

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