Monday, April 9, 2012

Bonkers for Bentos

My sis Deb took me to a crazy cute little store called Asian City the other day. I immediately fell in love with their quirky selection of random items. The Hello Kitty aisle in particular was so fabulous I almost started hyperventilating. Someday I will blog about Hello Kitty. I am sooooooooo in earnest about her. Deb showed me her favorite aisle... she said it was stuff to make Bentos. I was like, "Cool! What the heck is a Bento?!" She kinda described it as a creative way to make lunches. I didn't really get it. Still, it was a fun shopping trip... I bought Hello Kitty stationary, a Hello Kitty lunch tin for Mel, a Hello Kitty... yeah, I think you get the basic idea :)

We got Village Baker take-out on the way to Deb's house. Someday I will blog about Village Baker... have you had their pizza?! Holy pizza Batman. It's holy. It's heaven in a cardboard box... I'm pretty sure I dream about it every night. Where was I? Oh yeah... so later that day I googled "Bento", and I gotta tell you...lunch will never ever be the same at our house again :) I went back to Asian City a week later & picked up a "few" Bento items:

What Deb said was true: Bentos are essentially a creative way to make & serve lunch! I prefer to say they're a cute way to make lunch... I'm a sucker for anything cute. I'm making them for Mel & Andrew everyday. They LOVE their Bento lunches... LOVE. Andrew doesn't call it lunch anymore, he says "Mom, is my Bento ready yet?" It really doesn't take that much effort to make a Bento. The extra 5 minutes is worth it when your kiddos are in raptures over LUNCH. My Bentos are simple, and I use normal everyday Halls food... no sushi & sticky rice yet... that's pushing things :) Here are some pictures of my first few Bento attempts. Andrew's are just in Gladware containers. Mel's are in Bento boxes from Asian City. They're cute. I didn't think Andrew would appreciate cute. Still, I may go back to Asian City & buy him some blue Bento boxes that are cute in a manly way.

So there you have it... Bentos: cute lunch :) If you like what you see & wanna try it fer yerself, I've made a pinboard with some of the cool stuff I've found... feel free to follow it.

Also fun is this supermom's Bento website... absolutely amazing:

Happy Bento-ing :)


  1. Very fun! Maybe I could actually get Ava to eat if I put it in a cute Hello Kitty box Bento style. Hello Kitty is a celebrity in our house, too.

  2. So, so cute!!! I want a Bentos lunch for myself, too! My kids would love it!

  3. So cute and fun! I love that you made the food look pretty! I am not even sure how you wouldn't feel special eating out of a bentos lunch box with star shaped cheese! :)

    1. Thanks Cate! I do think Bentos make my kiddos feel special! I enjoy being able to do this little thing for them now, cause I know someday they'll be too grown up... sniff sniff :(

      How sweet of you to follow me on pinterest, I'll return the favor right now! Take care & happy bento-ing :)